Chapter 3: Kiss

Chapter 3


“No more questions please.” I moved the reporter back, not bothering to be gentle about it. They were supposed to have left him alone after the press conference but everyone wanted to know about Akira.
“It’s alright Kenta.” Ryuu’s soft voice was suddenly in my ear. “I’ve got this.”
I nodded slowly and stepped back slightly so he could get around me. I kept within arms reach glaring at any of the leeches that got to close. I recognized a few of the regulars, they did me too. I got a few glares back but most were too interested in what Ryuu was saying.
“Akira is doing just fine and is resting after filming our new PV. His health has improved and we expect to be able to do another tour in a few months along with the release of the PV.” Ryuu ignored any questions that asked what exactly was wrong with Akira. The official stance was fatigue, but the rumors were flying like they always did. Ryuu handled it all very well and after answering a couple more questions stepped back, my signal that he was done. Waving off the reporters, I led Ryuu back down the hall to the side stairs. I always had at least three routes we could take. His phone was already going off, the sound echoing in the stairwell.
“Hey Tatsuya! Yeah. You got it set up? Awesome! I’ll see you then.” Ryuu hummed as I heard the phone snap shut. If Tatsuya was coming over that probably meant I was going to be free for the evening, for some reason that thought didn’t sit too well. I’d actually been looking forward to spending my one night off with him. As if I wasn’t around him enough as it was. Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment.
“Oh, you have to stay for dinner tonight Kenta. Haru and Tatsuya are coming over.”
“Huh?” I looked back at him, nearly missing a step.
“Tatsuya and I have been planning it for a while now, but with everything it kind of got pushed back.”
“Okay . . . well I don’t see why I can’t.” I opened the door for him glancing around to make sure no one was waiting outside.
“Cool.” He grinned at me as he slipped by, his fingers running through my hair. “You should let me do your hair.”
“Like hell.”
“Oh come on, Haru let’s Tatsuya dress him up.”
Okay . . . that was not something I needed to know about Haru and since when was Haru hanging out with Tatsuya? Seeing the hopeful, almost pleading looking on Ryuu’s face I sighed.
“Fine you can do my hair but that is it! Don’t even ask to do anything else.”
“Oh! Thank you Kenta! I’ve been dying to do your hair. I know just how I’m going to do it too.”
I don’t know what disturbed me more, the fact that I’d agreed or that Ryuu already had a style in mind.
“Well fuck.”


Tatsuya and Haru stayed for quite a while. Cleaning up the empty beer cans from the living room I smiled seeing Kenta sprawled on the couch. It was kind of unusual to see him so relaxed. He looked entirely too good at the moment and I wondered how he did it. I had to work hours to look that sexy and he did it without even trying. His eyes were half closed but I could tell he was watching me as I walked around the living room. It gave me a rush, my heart suddenly pounding harder, my skin tingling.
“Did you have fun?” His voice was a bit slurred by too many beers.
“Yeah, did you?”
“Yeah, though it’s weird seeing Haru like that.”
“He’s happy. How is that weird?” It had been entirely too cute to see Haru and Tatsuya together. It was kind of odd to think that the normally acerbic and sometimes violent Haru was so considerate and gentle with the petite escort. Though the relationship obviously was working for the two of them which made me happy. Tatsuya and I had planned tonight, hoping that Kenta would get the hint. Though it didn’t seem to be working. Maybe I would have to do something to help it along.
“No, that’s not what I meant.” Kenta pushed himself up on the couch. “He’s fun at work. He’s always joking with someone, it was just . . . different. He treats Tatsuya like he’s made of glass or something.”
I giggled, unable to help it. “No not really. He’s just tender and sweet and affectionate. Tatsuya eats it up.”
Kenta laughed. “Haru? Sweet?”
“Yes.” I walked over standing in front of him looking down at him. The man was impossibly good looking and it took all my self control not to pounce him right then and there. “Is that so hard to believe?”
“Umm . . . yes.”
“Really? You know there are a lot of people who would say the same of you. They only see the brusque, harsh bodyguard.”
He blinked at me the smile fading just a bit. “I’m not harsh.”
“I know you aren’t.” I knelt down, grabbing a beer can that had somehow ended up under the couch. Setting it on the coffee table I let my gaze travel up. His dark eyes met mine and I realized I was dying to know what he was thinking. The way he was looking at me was making my whole body run hot. I shifted forward so that I was between his knees, my eyes still locked on his. “Believe me, I know you aren’t really like that. You are kind, and considerate, compassionate, honest, forgiving, patient, and stunning.”
Long lashes lowered almost hiding the dark eyes. He was smiling at me. “You are so full of shit, Ryuu.”
I leaned forward, placing my hands on either side of his hips. “Am I? I don’t think so.”

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