The tingling sensation running through me had nothing to do with the slight buzz I’d been experiencing from the alcohol. Ryuu was too damn pretty looking at me with those soft grey eyes. He wasn’t just pretty, he was downright fucking hot. There weren’t a lot of girls who looked as good as he did. Especially with the way he was looking at me right now, those impossible grey eyes staring at me. He was leaning up against me, the heat from his body soaking through my pants and t-shirt.
It was still a shock though when those soft full lips pressed against my own. He tasted like the wine we’d had with dinner, sweet yet tart. It kind of fit him. I slowly pulled back after a moment, confused as hell.
“Um . . . I know you like being all affectionate and stuff, but isn’t that going a bit far?”
Ryuu shook his head and licked his lips, grinning at me. “Mm, no I don’t think so. I’ve wanted to do that for ages.”
“Ryuu you’ve-“ He kissed me again and I was shocked to find myself getting lost in the sensation. I’d never been kissed like this, not with this kind of . . . passion, I guess was the right word. It was like being gently assaulted until all that existed was the feel of supple lips on my own. I’d been kissed before, but it hadn’t been anything like this. It hadn’t made me feel light headed and dizzy, my whole body tingling like crazy.
“Fuck.” Was all I could manage once he pulled back and he giggled.
“You taste good, but you have a dirty mouth.”
I smirked, “You like my dirty mouth.”
“Yes, yes I do. But that’s not the only thing I like.”
“I think you are drunk.” It was time to end this before it got out of hand.
“No I’m not!”
“Yeah you are.” I got to my feet, pulling him up. This was getting a bit too awkward for the moment. It was one thing to have him being all clingy and stuff, but this was something entirely different and I needed a bit to sort out just what the fuck was going on. It wasn’t like Ryuu wasn’t known for randomly kissing people. He’d done it to Akira often enough.
“You are upset with me.” Ryuu flashed me a look before moving a few steps away.
“No.” I actually didn’t know what I was. I grabbed his arm as he stumbled. “Let’s get you to bed.”
“I’m not tired.” He was pouting now. I really hated it when he pouted.
“It’s two in the morning. You are tired and you are drunk. Don’t forget you are going on that show tomorrow. ”
“Oh . . . oh! Yeah . . . “ He glanced sideways at me and I was shocked at how the look affected me. Holy hell, a look should not be able to make me feel like that. Deciding it was best to ignore it, I tugged on his arm pulling him around the coffee table.
“Come on. Bed time.” He tried to pull away from me starting to complain. On a whim I yanked him toward me and picked him up. He made the cutest noise, something between a squeak and a yelp, staring at me with wide eyes. “Shut up, not like I haven’t carried you before. Don’t need you falling and bashing your head on something.”
His answer was to wrap his arms around my neck. I had to be fucking nuts, encouraging this. Nakamara was going to fire me. I kicked the door to his room open and went to set him on the bed. He wouldn’t let go.
“Ryuu . . .”
“I don’t want you to leave.”
“Ryuu, I need to go home. This isn’t-“
“You don’t like me.” I frowned watching him as he finally let go, sitting back. His voice was soft, almost defeated sounding. “Reiko was right.”
“Reiko is smart, but she’s not always right.” I let it go at that. “Besides, you are drunk and just being overly friendly, though that’s pretty fucking normal for you.”
He shook his head forcefully. “No! No . . . “ His voice lowered as he shifted back on the bed, drawing up slender legs. “I’m not being a slut.”
I frowned. Where the hell had that come from? “No one said you were a slut.”
“You must think I am . . . coming on to you like I did. That’s why you pushed me away.”
I sighed and sat down on the bed next to him. “Just go to sleep Ryuu, you are drunk and tired and you aren’t making a lot of sense. Everyone knows you are touchy feely, so it’s no big deal.”
“That’s not fair Kenta.” The bed dipped as he moved around. “That’s like saying you are bad-tempered and offensive.”
“I am.” I chuckled and started to get up only to have a pair of arms suddenly wrapped around me.
“Please don’t leave.” I sighed feeling him lay his head against my back.
“I won’t leave until you go to sleep.”
Feather soft lips brushed my ear sending a rush of heat through me. “Thank you.”


I jerked awake and looked around. I was still sitting up in the chair next to Ryuu’s bed. Shifting around I winced, my leg was asleep and there was a crick in my neck. Looking over at the bed I could just make out the dark lump that was the singer. He’d gone to sleep fairly quickly after his shower. The weirdo had asked if I wanted to join him. I figured it was the alcohol talking. Though in the back of my mind somewhere where I didn’t really want to acknowledge it, I wished it wasn’t. It was a bit odd that those thoughts kept popping up more and more when it came to the singer.
Sitting awake watching him sleep was giving me entirely too fucking much time to think and I didn’t like where my thoughts were going. They kept going back to the kiss. I realized I was touching my lips and put my hand in my lap. That didn’t seem to be a good place either. Fucking hell. Ryuu was my boss! And a guy. A fucking hot guy, but a guy. Fuck.
Getting up I headed into the bathroom. It was almost six anyway and I needed a shower. I could wear a pair of Ryuu’s jeans for work. We were close enough to the same size. Stripping I glared, better make it a cold shower. So, I’m a fucking baby. I couldn’t take the cold shower and finally turned it as hot as I could stand. Ryuu had the most awesome shower. The best thing about it was that I didn’t have to share it with the entire floor like at home. Besides that it was fucking huge. You could swim in the tub and the shower could fit six people in it easily. I used his fruity smelling shampoo to wash my hair only to realize I was grinning at the thought of smelling like him. Now that was just fucking weird. He always smelled so good. Me, I usually just smelled like my deodorant. Or sweat. Sometimes blood.
A sudden rush of cold air startled me and I looked around only to see Ryuu grinning sleepy eyed at me as he stepped into the shower behind me.
“Fucking hell.”
“Good morning to you too.”

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